RTB Solutions
Powering ad-tech business
DSP Platforms
Building successful DSP platforms for agencies around the world since 2015.
RTB Consultancy
Wanted to buy programmatic but has no expertise? Will offer you best solution and consult during the process.
Monetizing inventory
We can help you to monetize existing inventory by connecting it to SSP or build tailored solutions to maximize your profits.
Platform is available in the cloud. Focus on your business while we handle the tech part.
Platform support
Our engeneers will take care of your servers and code.
Custom development
Should you need a custom version or planing any other highload project, we here to help.
Our main product is a demand/supply management platform with a high performance bidding engine inside.
  • OpenRTB compatible
  • Banners and Tags
  • Native ads
  • Push ads
  • API-first
  • Self-service UI
  • Auto optimizations
  • Bidding algorithms
  • Real-time reports
  • XML feeds support
  • Resell inventory
  • White/Black lists
  • Fraud screening
  • TMT & IAS integrations
  • Audience building pixel
  • 3d party DMP data
Features highlight
Original technology
100% vendor free, all built inhouse
Impression behaviour analysis
Using our proprietary technology DSP will analyze impressions to ensure that traffic is a real users. It uses device behaviour and sophisticated environment tests which is very hard to fake. The technology is similar to Google's recaptcha 3
Target ROI optimizations
Send conversion events back to DSP and it will automatically fill black/white lists or set microbids for inventory that converts.
Prebid antifraud
Number of filters working before bid occurs allows us to cut non-human traffic like datacenters or suspicious networks.
Any protocol supported (OpenRTB, XML, Json)
Platform architecture allows support for any protocol variation that exists. New protocols could be added easily.
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Israel Mobile Summit 2019
12 Jun 2019
dmExco 2019, Cologne
12 Sep 2019
MWC 2019 Barcelona
25-28 Feb 2019
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